Few hours before a surgery

“After few hours is my operation”,
This might define the end of my entire mission
Heart is full of fright,
All alone, I m crying and holding my pillow tight.

I know what doctor uttered with hesitance and after reports review,
“He might sail thru, but chances r few”
Now every minute of this day, becomes precious that’s least I can say,
A thought pops up ,who knows my life will end with this day

I start to find the bag of past memories,
As I m digging the past, I come across that beautiful girl whom I loved a lot,
I come across the barking dog that I hated a lot,
I come across the compassionate friends and my lovely parents.

Then I see my present, a rich guy with a handful of servants around,
Searched for all loved ones couldn’t find anyone around,
Went for the money, cheated my wife
Yes now I realize I wasted my life

Money couldn’t pray for me till my surgery was done,
It couldn’t speak and say “don’t worry my son”,
It couldn’t give that soothing hug and a lovely smile,
I wanted all this badly ,used all the money to get it, but all efforts were futile.

I called up the best doctors and nurses using my money and fame,
But all their care appeared to be a professional game.
I cried with pain and realized what I had lost in life,
My parents , relatives, friends and a beautiful wife.

Till now my eyes were closed to see the beauty of life,
Didn’t waste a second more and called up my wife,
Walls of ego and money were diminished as soon as she picked up the phone,
Now I could see that love in her tone..

I said “sorry I was blind,
Love is something which money can’t find”
I said with guilt, “Please forgive me,
For every moment I live, do stay with me”

My heart was full of joy ,
When she said “I forgive you, because the fault was not in your heart but your eye
Now your eyes are fine, it reflects in your words they are pure and divine”
I kept the phone and smiled as I had just found a love that was mine.

I called up my parents and said the whole thing
When my mother addressed me as “bunty”(nickname) I felt like a king
When father said don’t worry dear, u r a strong boy
Suddenly I got all strength and a bag full of joy.

Now my mind was at peace,
but the clock was not at ease
Time to go inside the operation theatre had come
Now every breath was appearing a million sum

I prayed for my loved ones,”May they get all happiness to see”
And asked god to give wisdom to the other blind ones like me,
If I survive I vow I will live a life of truth and compassion
If I die, I have just few moments left so I say good bye to this world with affection.

Doctor calls “bring the patient in”………………………………………..